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If you are planning any travel that is new or unique please make sure you meet with your Advisor. 

Trip Planning


1. Before you embark on any trips please make sure you fill out the Hoofer Trip Plan form. This will provide all the necessary information to the Advisors so they can help you better plan for your event.

This must be done for any overnight trips, but should be done for any new events.

2. After filling out the Hoofer Trip Plan Form, work with your Club leaders to ensure the trip is posted on RecHub for signups.

3. Before any trip leaves, all leaders should review and use the Hoofer Pre-Trip Meeting Checklist to ensure a better overall experience for leaders and participants.

Official VS. Unofficial Travel


If your trip uses any of the following Hoofer or OutdoorUW resources your trip will be considered 'Official' and must follow all State and University expectations. This content is also available in flowchart format.

  1. Club funds

  2. Rechub registration

  3. UW or state Vehicles

  4. Rental vehicles procured with the "Big Ten Contract"

  5. Club equipment

  6. Use of "official" club email lists or social media accounts

  7. Ratings or permissions given

Trip Planning
Official VS. Unofficial Travel
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