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Driver Authorization


If you are driving on behalf of your Club you must be authorized annually through the State of Wisconsin. Driver authorization is required to drive for all official Hoofer trips. 

Fleet Information

Fleet Information

For any questions about fleet authorization please visit the UW Fleet website.

For Fleet authorization criteria, please view the UW Business Authorization eligibility page 

Dual Fleet Appointment

If you are fleet certified in another university department and are volunteering to drive on behalf of Hoofers, you will have to submit the below information to

1. Your Name and Email

2. Supervisor Name and Email

3. UDDS Codes

4. Volunteer Agency Letter

5. Period of Volunteer Appointment



UDDS codes are used internally by Transportation Services and UW accounting to determine where the charges for fleet vehicle use should be billed. You will need this code when getting fleet authorized.

OUW: UA962050

Mountaineering: UA964040

Riding: UA964052

Scuba: UA964040

Council: UA4040

Outing: UA964040

Sailing: UA964640

SNS: UA964074

Fleet Auth Form
UDDS Codes
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