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Department Card


Department Cards are a privilege. All purchasers are responsible for knowing the information below. 

What is a Department Card?


A Department Card is a University-sanctioned credit card in the name of a UW Employee that can be used by designated individuals for business related purchases.

  • Department card users must be authorized by their club to make purchases

  • Each authorized purchaser must have signed the Department Card Authorized User Agreement Form. (below) 

  • Each card has a $5,000 single purchase limit and a $10,000 maximum cycle limit. 

  • All purchases require documentation. (Order Invoice, receipt, packing slip)

  • Any purchase of food will require an event roster submission in addition to the documentation listed above.

  • Each purchase requires pre-approval.

  • You may not have sales tax on Department Card purchases.


Department Card Use

  • Each purchase must be pre-approved by the Department Card holder.

  • If the card is declined, fraud protection most likely kicked in. Please contact your advisor.

  • Purchases must be free of sales tax.

  • Cards cannot be saved by a vendor for recurring payments.

  • Personal food, fireworks, and internal UW purchases are not allowed on Department Cards.

  • Citations and fines cannot be paid via Department Cards.

Getting Department Card Authorized


You must read, accept, and sign all the conditions in the Authorization Form annually.

Strike: Given to individual member/club for misusing any Hoofer purchasing card according to the rules and
consequences within this form, or at the discretion of the Outdoor UW Director, Hoofer Advisor(s), Administrative Assistant for unprofessional behavior related to the usage of Department Cards. Three strikes (Suspension): When 3 strikes are earned by any individual member/club in the same fiscal year (July-June), that individual/club will be suspended from using the Department Card. Once a suspension has been lifted there will be an opportunity to recertify, but if an individual member/club is suspended a second time their suspension will become permanent.

Length of Points & Suspensions: The UW’s financial activities operate on a Fiscal year basis.
a) Strikes: each strike earned during a given year is effective for the duration of that year. Once the year is
over, the individual has a fresh start and will be cleared of all outstanding strikes. b) Suspensions: a suspension will last for a fixed period of six months (unless otherwise determined by the VP-Finance or Financial Specialist).

Re-Authorization process: If an individual member/club received a suspension and served out their time responsibly and professionally, they may then ask the VP-Finance for permission to recertify. If permission is granted, then the individual will follow the same procedure for becoming Department Card authorized. Department Card Log: The log will be managed by OutdoorUW, and it is the individual’s responsibility to inform and receive approval from the advisor for each vendor they’ve intended to and made a purchase with during the time the Department Card is checked out under their name.

Conditions for a 'Strike'

• Not turning in receipts within the one week time period
• Not responding to your approval with each receipt
• Using a Department Card for purchases/rentals at Outdoor UW front desk
• Not returning the Department Card within allotted time
• Giving the Department Card to anyone else to use
• Writing down the Department Card information
• Emailing the Department Card information
• Having a purchase that was prohibited or unauthorized
• Purchasing Fuel (unless using 3rd party rental car) 
• Not returning card directly to advisor or in lock box
• Losing a Department Card

Definitions Related to the Department Card:

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