Department Card


Department Cards are a privilege. All purchasers are responsible for knowing the information below. 

What is a Department Card?


A Department Card is a University-sanctioned credit card in the name of a UW Employee that can be used by designated individuals for business related purchases.

  • Department card users must be authorized by their club to make purchases

  • Each authorized purchaser must have signed the Department Card Authorized User Agreement Form. (below) 

  • Each card has a $5,000 single purchase limit and a $10,000 maximum cycle limit. 

  • All purchases require documentation. (Order Invoice, receipt, packing slip)

  • Any purchase of food will require an event roster submission in addition to the documentation listed above.

  • Each purchase requires pre-approval.

  • You may not have sales tax on Department Card purchases.


Department Card Use

  • Each purchase must be pre-approved by the Department Card holder.

  • If the card is declined, fraud protection most likely kicked in. Please contact your advisor.

  • Purchases must be free of sales tax.

  • Cards cannot be saved by a vendor for recurring payments.

  • Personal food, fireworks, and internal UW purchases are not allowed on Department Cards.

  • Citations and fines cannot be paid via Department Cards.

Getting Department Card Authorized


You must read, accept, and sign all the conditions in the Authorization Form annually.