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Transportation Overview


Driving on behalf of the University is one of the riskiest activities the Clubs participate in. Anyone driving a University vehicle must be authorized by the State of Wisconsin and adhere to UW driving policies and guidelines. 

General Information


Drivers must be familiar with the policy and guidelines outlined by UW Transportation. See website

Driver Authorization


If you are driving on behalf of your Club you must be authorized annually through the State of Wisconsin. Driver authorization is required to drive for all official Hoofer trips. More information

Vehicle Options


Many options for vehicle rentals are available. UW Fleet, DOA, Big 10, and bus contracts are just a few options. More information

Driving Restrictions


When Driving for University sponsored activities, drivers must adhere to the following

For travel under 8 hours:

Drivers must take a break every 4 hours at minimum. 

For travel over 8 hours:

No vehicle may be on the road for more than 18 hours in any 24hr period

No driver may do more than two shifts (4hr per shift) in a 24hr period



Any citations (parking or moving) can not be paid for with Club funds. The individuals involved must cover the fees.

Moving violations such as speeding or running lights may be grounds for invalidating your Vehicle Use Authorization

Parking and Loading at Memorial Union


Parking in the cul-de-sac at the top of park street is regulated by Madison's police. You may get a ticket for leaving an unattended vehicle while loading.

For any extended loading needs please use the 'blacktop' area along the lakefront and request a parking pass from your advisor for any stay longer than two hours.