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Vehicle Use and Rental


If you need to use a vehicle for a trip or other Club business please follow the UW policies regarding use of personal vehicles and renting using DOA, UW Fleet or Enterprise rentals. For any questions regarding reservations contact

Personal Vehicle Use


Use of personal vehicles for UW business, including club activities is allowed but should only be used when University vehicles are not available. The following details apply:

  • Fuel may not be procured using a department card , Reimbursement for fuel follows UW reimbursement procedure. See advisor.

  • UW insurance will not cover your travel

  • You should not pull a University trailer with a personal vehicle. Likewise, a University vehicle should not be used to pull a personal trailer


UW Fleet or DOA Vehicles


Clubs are encouraged to use UW Fleet or Department of Administration (DOA) vehicles for Club activities. Please visit the UW Fleet website to learn more about rental policies, vehicle type, restrictions, and cost. 

  • Only authorized drivers may drive the vehicle

  • Club funds may go towards transportation

  • Travel is covered under the UW insurance umbrella

  • Roadside assistance available

Reserve a Rental Car (Enterprise, National Hertz)


Clubs may rent vehicles in Madison or at Enterprise/National or Hertz stations around the country through the University Big Ten Contract. 

  • Department Cards may be used to purchase fuel for rental cars. 

Personal Vehicles
UW Vehicles
Rental Cars
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