Hotels should be booked on Concur, the online booking tool or directly with the hotel.  If booking directly with the hotel, ask for tax exemption (not all states allow for WI tax exemption). 

See UW Lodging Policy on... >

  • Booking methods

  • Lodging maximums

  • Payment for lodging

  • Room deposits and guarantees

  • Conferences and events

  • Shared lodging

  • Unlicensed facilities

  • Campgrounds

  • Extended lodging

  • Documentation requirements*


You can request access to the Concur tool by talking with your adviser.

You MAY NOT book through any third party booking tools (Kayak, Expedia, etc)

See all UW Travel Policies >

House Rentals

To rent a house, you must work directly with the homeowner or a property management company.


If the owner or property manager allows for instant online booking, this is allowed as well.  No third party booking (airbnb, etc).


For direct bookings with homeowner,

please send to your adviser:

1. A contract (to be approved by UW Purchasing)

2. An invoice

3. A W9 (a standard IRS form)

Advisers will get UW-Purchasing to sign the contracts and submit information to get the homeowner paid.  It is the student leader's responsibility to send the homeowner a copy of the signed (by UW-Purchasing) contract. 

See all UW Travel Policies >

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