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Lodging expectations for trips and travel are dictated by the University policies for lodging. If you are traveling and will be needing lodging, please make sure you review the following information. Plan well in advance (months for private housing) to be successful. 

Lodging Options


Hotels: If you are going to book a hotel you have two options:

  1. Have your advisor book hotels at the University discount rate through Concur

  2. Book directly through the specific hotel with a Department Card

If housing cost exceeds $5,000.00 meet with your advisor.

Use of other third-party booking sites (e.g. VRBO,, Travelocity) is prohibited.

AirBnB: UW allows booking through AirBnB. More information

Private Housing: When booking with a private property owner try to pay with a Department Card first. If the property owner only takes checks as payment you will need to collect the following information to set them up as a vendor with the University:

  • Completed W9 tax form

  • Invoice 

  • Business address and email


*Staying with family or friends when traveling is permitted, but there is no University insurance protection for such housing situations.

Lodging Restrictions


Non-members, guests, or any unregistered individuals may not stay in any type of lodging arranged as part of a University function.

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