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The grants below are available for Hoofers

Union Director's Fund Grant

The purpose of this fund is to support new initiatives for programs within the Wisconsin Union. This fund is distributed through an application process typically twice per year. Fall and Spring. Connect with your advisor for more details on when and how to submit a formal application for these funds. 

Hoofer Council Grants

For more information on the Hoofer Council Grant Process please review this document, consult your club president, club advisor, and/or Hoofer Council Officer of Education & Risk Management. Then make a grant request using the request button above.

Wilderness Medicine Training Grants 

If you are a current Hoofer club member and are hoping to take on more leadership within your club you may qualify for a scholarship/grant to offset the cost of this course. Priority will be given to those who submit their grant application well before the course.  If you are awarded the scholarship/grant you will receive a follow-up email with directions on how to register for the course using a discount code.      


Several spots on this course will be reserved for Hoofer members. These spots will be released to the general public 1 month before the course start date.

To apply for a grant to subsidize the cost of a Wilderness Medicine Course, use the request button above.

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