If your trips will include any Club-purchased food please follow the expectations below.

Purchasing Food While Traveling


For purchasing food for your trip leader must

  1. Provide an itemized receipt(s)

  2. Provide a roster of participants with your receipt(s)

  3. Purchase food to make meals that are not individual meals

    • Example: You can purchase bread and sliced meat for sandwiches. You may not buy individual sandwiches at a Subway. You can buy a platter from Subway for a group. ​​

If you need to prepare food prior to your trip you may use the galley but you must follow the galley guidelines posted on the wall. 

Galley Use & Food Handling Policy 


Hoofers must follow all food service guidelines


​The Galley is the kitchen space used for food storage and preparation. For more information regarding Galley use and access, see this page.