About RecHub


RecHub, formerly known as Club Manager, is the software the Hoofer Clubs, Teams, and Outdoor UW use to organize our digital infrastructure. Events, ratings, membership data, emergency contact information, payments, waivers, and more, are all collected and catalogued through RecHub. It is a sophisticated software with many functions and can be both powerful and cumbersome. A description of each of its functions is below, but working with the software is the best way to learn what it can do. It takes practice to navigate and you will become more comfortable with using it as time passes.


Leadership Roles and Permissions 


RecHub uses different degrees of access to information and functionality referred to as permission groups. Each permission group has access to tools and information specific to the needs of the role. Your permission group information is included on your account page, which can be viewed by clicking the "My Account" button in the upper right corner of each page.

RecHub Troubleshooting


Though the software is fairly consistent, errors do periodically pop up. If you find something that you believe is not working correctly, reach out to your advisor. They can help you get in touch with Pinfire Labs, the company that owns and manages RecHub. For club specific needs contact the following people

Mountaineering: webmaster@hoofermmountaineering.org

Outing: tech@hooferouting.org

SCUBA: scuba@Hoofers.org

Sailing: webmaster@hoofersailing.org

SNS: webmaster@hoofersns.org

Riding: webmaster@hooferriding.org

Views and URLs


The farthest rightward tab in the menu near the top of the page is "Switch View." Each organization under the Outdoor UW umbrella has its own view; i.e. there is a view for Sailing Club, Equestrian Team, Outdoor UW, and so on. The "Switch View" function allows you to view data specific to the entity you're working with. In the "Hoofer" view, data for all of the clubs will be shown. In any of the other views, data will be specific to that Club or entity. Permissions do not transfer across views, so you may have different degrees of access based on the view in which you are working. 

The general RecHub website for all of Hoofers and OUW is https://members.hoofers.org/. Additionally, a few of the Clubs and teams have individualized URLs that can be used to go directly to their specific view. Those URLs are listed below:

Mountaineering: https://members.hoofermountaineering.org/

Outing: https://events.hooferouting.org/

SCUBA: https://events.hooferscuba.org/

Sailing: https://lessons.hoofersailing.org/

SNS: https://events.hoofersns.org/


User Guides


Pinfire Labs, the company that owns and manages RecHub, provides guides to help understand and learn to work with the software.

Please see this video for an overview of RecHub and its functions.

To compliment the video above, Pinfire provides a more comprehensive text-based description of the functionalities of RecHub.

Take a look at this page for an in depth description of specific RecHub topics.

The above guide is very helpful, but also more thorough than most Hoofer leaders will need.

For a more concise guide built by Hoofer users of RecHub, see this document.

There's a great deal to learn when using RecHub. If you've reviewed this information and find that you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your advisor.