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Department Card Checkout


1. Submit a request. Each purchase needs its own request, except travel requests.



2. Cardholders will approve or deny requests. An email is automatically sent to the requester with card pick-up information.


3. Reply-all to the approval email with all documentation and receipts.

Department Card Documentation and Best Practices

  • For each purchase, ensure that sales tax isn't included.

  • Attach the signed Official Function Form if necessary.

  • Make sure the receipt is itemized.

  • If food was purchased, make sure you provide a list of participants in your response to the approval email.

  • All packages must be shipped to the Outdoor UW office with Outdoor UW in the attention lines.

  • For lodging, please submit the address, date of lodging, and a participant list. The participant list must indicate students versus non students.

  • Please use the Participant List form for submission

Missing Receipt form

Official Function Form

An Official Function Form (OFF) must be approved and signed prior to making a purchase.

Below are guidelines on whether the form is needed or not. 

  • Non-Employee social functions do NOT need an OFF

  • UW Employee social functions need an OFF

  • If you are on the fence just get the form to be safe

  • Retreat/Team Building/Morale = Need an OFF

  • OFF needs to be signed BEFORE ANY MONEY IS SPENT for the event

  • If an event is for both employee and non-employees but there is more non-employees no OFF is needed

  • -We should provide detailed business purposes that include who the event is for, non employee vs employee, to help determine to Audit if a form was needed

  • The OFF can be used for any expense related to the event that would need the OFF

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