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Meet Our Staff


Dave Elsmo

Having come to Outdoor UW in 2011, Dave Elsmo spent seven years as the Head of Instruction before moving to an Advisor for the Hoofer Sailing Club. Now, as the Director for Outdoor UW, Dave helps manage the six full-time staff that support our student leader programs while advising the governing body of the Hoofer clubs, Hoofer Council. Originally from Southeastern Wisconsin, Dave graduated with a degree in Commercial Recreation in 2009 from the University of Minnesota. Since then he has spent the majority of his professional career in the marine industry by teaching, managing or advising sailing programs and teams. He continues to pursue his passion for competitive sailing in his free-time both in the summer and winter months.

Dan Dunne

Program Manager,

Dan has been working in the outdoor industry since 2008 when shortly after he graduated from the University of Kansas with his Bachelors in Business Management. He packed up his car and moved west to a small town in central Wyoming. It was here where Dan fell in love with outdoor exploration, supporting/nurturing student leadership, and experiential education. After gaining outdoor experience in Wyoming, Dan kept moving west to Oregon and started working as an academic coach where he got a few years of professional experience advising and supporting first-generation students in their first semester in higher education. This work reaffirmed for Dan how much he enjoys working with and supporting students transitioning into college and starting a new chapter of their life. Dan loves mentoring and coaching students who are getting their first chance to navigate their own path in life and choose their own adventures.


After a few years of working as an active travel bike tour guide in various locations around the world, Dan went back to school to get his Masters in Education and Student Affairs. Shortly after completing graduate school, Dan settled in Madison where he is excited to work with UW students and community members who are eager to learn and grow their outdoor skills. When Dan is not at work, he is either at home tending his garden and chickens, taking in some live music in Madison, or teaching a wilderness medicine certification course somewhere around the country. Reach out to Dan if you are looking for leadership or skill-developing educational offerings, customized private group experiences, or if you are seeking new opportunities to bring students and the UW campus community into the outdoors. 

Adam Remus

Advisor- Hoofer Mountaineering Club & Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club,

Originally from La Crosse, WI, his path to outdoor advising started early with a deep love for outdoor activities. Adam has been a passionate snowboarder and XC skier for most of his life, and rock climbing came later during high school. Adam loves to paddle, backpack, and get his family outside as much as possible.   


Adam started as an advisor at Outdoor UW advising the Hoofer Outing Club and Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club. He has since transitioned to advising the Hoofer Mountaineering Club along with Ski and Snowboard Club. He relishes working with club leaders to develop and deliver high quality and safe programs for our members and while allowing leaders to learn and grow in the out-of-class room experience. When he's not in the office, you can usually find him out on the rock at Devil's Lake State Park, snowboarding with his family or surfing on the great lakes.  

Pete Buscaino

Advisor- Hoofer Riding and Hoofer Outing Club,

Pete grew up on, in, and around the water in his hometown of Clearwater, FL. From a young age, Pete connected with being outside fostering a love for camping, paddling, hiking, biking, and diving. In 2005, he started working in the outdoor industry as a guide/instructor/shop tech/salesperson with a mom-and-pop paddle shop.  After completing an interdisciplinary studies degree from the University of Central Florida, Pete moved to North Carolina to coach baseball at East Carolina University. It was there that he discovered a passion for teaching students how to grow both leadership & life skills.


Pete moved to Madison in the summer of 2019 and has been awestruck by the natural beauty of Wisconsin ever since. A huge fan of the winter months, he loves to XC ski, snowboard, and snowshoe. Pete comes to Outdoor UW after stops with both REI and UW Housing. As the advisor for the Outing and Riding clubs, Pete looks forward to encouraging, enabling, and helping the club leaders to grow and provide great programming for the UW campus and community. When not at work, you can catch Pete and his family in their garden or out exploring state parks and bike paths across Wisconsin.

Mark Gillespie

Advisor - Hoofer Sailing Club and Hoofer Scuba Club,

Embarking on a voyage with Mark Gillespie is akin to setting sail into the uncharted waters of a captivating narrative. 


Within the confines of the Hoofer Sailing Club and Hoofer Scuba Club, Mark's wisdom and passion are contagious. His presence transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and his guidance turns novices into seasoned adventurers. As the esteemed advisor of these two Hoofer clubs, Mark seamlessly weaves his extensive knowledge of the maritime world with an innate passion for exploration. A true international traveler, he has navigated the seas of countless countries, leaving in his wake a trail of stories that echo the whispers of distant shores. Whether you're navigating the open waters of Lake Mendota or exploring the mysteries beneath the surface, Mark is the compass that points true north, ensuring that every journey is an odyssey of discovery.

As a skilled photographer, Mark's camera lens captures the essence of every destination he explores. Mark's lens is not just a tool; it's a storyteller capturing the essence of his globetrotting adventures and nautical exploits. His exceptional photography serves as a portal, inviting onlookers to glimpse into the soul of each destination. From the vibrant hues of coral reefs to the majestic silhouette of a sail against a setting sun, Mark's images transcend the visual, evoking a sense of wonder and wanderlust. His portfolio is a testament to the artistry that lies in the intersection of exploration and photography.

Mark Gillespie, however, is not just a man of the sea; he is an enigma wrapped in layers of depth and mystery. His understanding of the maritime world is matched only by the intrigue that surrounds him. His advice transcends the technicalities of sailing and scuba diving; it delves into the philosophy of the oceans and the silent conversations shared between a sailor and the wind, a diver and the abyss.

Beyond the logbooks and camera lenses, Mark Gillespie is a man of much depth, intrigue, and mystery. His enigmatic aura adds an extra layer to the vibrant tapestry of our clubs, infusing every sailing expedition and scuba dive with an element of the unknown. A captain of both vessels and narratives, Mark Gillespie stands as the beacon of inspiration, guiding our members through uncharted territories and fostering a community bound by the shared love for the sea and the allure of discovery.

In the heart of our clubs, Mark Gillespie stands as a testament to the power of exploration, the magic of the sea, and the allure of the unknown. He is not just an advisor; he is the captain of the Hoofer Sailing Club and Hoofer Scuba Club navigating the clubs towards horizons unknown and depths uncharted.

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