Space information

CESO and Other union spaces

Campus Events and Services (CESO) schedules and arranges all the room reservations for the club.


A campus event planner is appointed to the Hoofer clubs for reservations.  Contact your advisor to obtain their name and contact information.

See Reservation Page >

Room Reservation Instructions

Room Reservation Portal


Hoofers must follow all food service policies

See Hoofer Guide to Food Service >

The Galley is the kitchen space used for food storage and preparation. To use The Galley, individuals must agree to follow guidelines. 

See Hoofer Galley Guidelines >

Users must have access or check out a Galley card from the OUW front desk.  Talk to your advisor about access.

Talk to your advisor about reserving the Galley.

Mendota Lodge

The Mendota Lodge is located across from the Outdoor UW Office. 

For formal meetings and events, the Mendota Lodge, must be reserved. 


The Outdoor UW Director approves reservations for the Mendota Lodge.  


Contact the Outdoor Director for Approval.