Definitions and Report form

Incidents, Accidents, Behavioral, & Near-Misses

All Incidents, accidents, near-misses, and behavioral incidences should be reported immediately​. 


This form will report directly to the advisers who will take further action as needed. Please note that this form is not a replacement for emergency services, and 911 should be called if necessary.

Hard copies can be printed and are also located outside the Hoofer Leader Lounge and should be returned directly to your adviser, the OUW office, or the mailbox outside the Leader Lounge.



*NOTE: For OUW Staff reporting an internal incident, there is seperate form to use.

Behavioral Standards 


Hoofers holds all members to a set of behavioral standards.  The exact verbiage of the standards can be found below. The standards explicitly prohibit members from:

  • Discriminating in any form

  • Engaging in verbal or physical abuse

  • Making unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances

  • Participating in any illegal activity

See Hoofer Behavioral Standards >

Near-miss - An incident almost occurred that could have had significant impacts (Ex. Hikers throw rocks off cliff that could have hit climbers.)

Incident - An event occurred, but there was no harm (Ex. Hikers throw rocks off cliff that hit climbers. No one was hurt.)

Accident - An event occurred, and there was harm (Ex. Hikers throw rocks off cliff that hit climbers. Someone was hurt.)

Behavioral Incident - A behavioral issue occurred (Ex. discrimination, verbal/ physical abuse, inappropriate sexual advances, illegal activities)