What is a Reimbursement?

A Reimbursement is when someone makes an out-of-pocket purchase on behalf of the university and requests to be compensated for the expenses.

All reimbursements must have an itemized receipt.


UW Employees (any campus job) can access the E-Reimbursement platform and create expense reports.


Non-UW employees, must setup a profile first and an expense report will be completed on their behalf.

E-ReImbursements for non-Employees

Fill out this form and turn in to your advisor.

Advisor submits form for profile set-up. Email is sent to non-employee when complete.

Advisor submits reimbursement information on behalf of non-employee. 

Non-employee will receive reimbursement. 

E-ReImbursements for Employees

Employee inputs all information and submits the expense report.

Email advisor your a signed pdf of summary page.  Advisor will sign and submit

Employee will receive reimbursement.