Purchasing Overview

Hoofer leaders are authorized to make purchases on behalf of their Hoofer Clubs.  

Purchasing policy can be difficult to navigate.  Below you will find a menu of helpful information.  

Need additional help?  Consult with your advisor. 


Find information on Department Cards.

All Department Card information can be found here.

More information on what can/ cannot be purchased

There are many nuances for using a department card that change frequently. Your advisor can help navigate these. For a full list of allowable purchases, you can visit UW-Purchasing's website.

Make a single purchase over $5000

All purchases over $5,000 must go through the University's Simplified Bid Process. You will need help from your advisor for this process. Information on the simplified bid process used to make purchases over $5,000 can be found here.

Make a purchase from another UW-Madison entity

Do Not Use a Department Card! Use this information and form from purchasing. Talk to your Financial Specialist of Advisor for more information.

Make a purchase from the Wisconsin Union

Do Not Use a Department Card. Use this form. Talk to your Financial Specialist of Advisor for more information.

Pay for a recurring service or invoice

If any fiscal year total of purchases for goods or services may exceed $5000.00 you should set up a Purchase Order (PO) with the Financial Specialist. A PO will need a to initially be set-up via simplified bid process. Once a PO is active, all purchasing should be done through the PO and NOT a department card.

See Club Chart of Accounts for Account Numbers

The chart of accounts has all of the expense accounts that can be used to assign expenses when filling out a receiving report. See the club chart of accounts.

Hire/ pay an entertainer

If your club decides to bring in a paid speaker, performer, lecturer, musician, you will need to complete a Union Entertainer Contract in order to compensate them. Work with your club advisor to complete this contract (students cannot sign contracts). Additional paperwork will be needed in order to complete the request for payment.