Welcome to the new Hoofer Leader Onboarding Center! A bit on how this all works...

As a club leader, we need certain information from you in order to enable your access to spaces, RecHub function, and club purchasing and Hoofer education processes. Whether you are a new or returning leader, are filling a position for the first time or are filling the same position as in previous years, we need to make sure we have the most accurate information as possible on file for all of our leaders.

This is not a substitute for purchasing a club membership*

Please click below on the button below corresponding to your club. This will take you to your club-specific onboarding form, where you can report your leadership role and administrative information. Select your leadership position from the dropdown menu, or select the closest position to your title so as best to match permissions that you need.

When completing this form, please have available your...

Name, Email, NetID (if you have one), RecHub ID, WisCard Expiration Date, and WisCard 6-Digit code, or Access Card information


Previously, our onboarding center also functioned as our reporting mechanism for issues with space, RecHub, or other administrative  accesses. 

This has now moved HERE.

NOTE: Tech Support VERSUS Onboarding:

The Leader Onboarding forms on HooferLeaders.org should be used by a club member to report a position they hold. This is best done during club's transition periods primarily, (Fall and Spring turnover), OR if you filling a previously vacant position, OR if you are filling your first position with Hoofers.

The Technical Support form on HooferLeaders is best used for quick fixes regarding space access, RecHub permissions, or other Information Technology related questions, OR for reporting mid-year/term changes to your position.

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