Department Cards

Use the department card

1. Make sure you ask for a tax exemption. Each card has a tax-exempt card with it. (Not every state allows for WI tax exemption). 2. Collect an itemized receipt. 3. Fill out a receiving report. 4. Return the card and the receiving report to the Outdoor UW office or the lockbox in the Hoofer Lounge.

Check out a department card

1. Submit a request through the Department Card Checkout Request form. Note that each individual location the card is going to be used needs to be accounted for, unless being used for travel. 2. Advisor receives request and will approve or deny request. An email will be sent once this step is completed. 3. Card pick-up will be coordinated between you and your advisor.

Fill out a receiving report

All purchases need a receiving report and itemized receipt. The receiving report can be found here.

Get trained and authorized to use a department card

Any hoofer leader is able to get trained and authorized to use a department card if they have purchasing needs. Hoofer Leader 101 must be first completed. Enrollment in the canvas course is accessed by filling out a leader onboarding form. After completing Hoofer Leader 101, fill out the Department Card Authorization form. Turn into the Outdoor UW front desk or your advisor.

Find Hoofer Chart of Accounts (Club Numbers and Account Numbers)

The Hoofer chart of accounts (club numbers and account numbers) can be found here.

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