Big 10 Contract details


The university receives special prices on rental vehicles. Vehicles can be booked on the vendor website or via the phone using the Big 10 Contract code (in link). 

21+ can drive vehicles, as long as they are driver authorized by the university.  

*If in the case of an accident in a rental vehicle, call the police and report it to the rental agency – UW Risk Management does not handle any claims. 

Helpful Hints

Using Rental Vehicles can save significant money depending on mileage, however may take a little more planning.

Rental reservations and gas can be paid for with a Department Card. To check out a card, visit the Purchases tab.

If using Enterprise, arrange 24 hours or more in advance. They will pick you up to get the car.

Contact your adviser for questions related to rental vehicles.

Any person driving for university business must be fleet certified.  This includes getting reimbursed for mileage when using personal vehicles or renting from a rental service.

Get Fleet Certified >

Check to see if you are certified > 

Other Information

Personal Liability

Individuals driving others in their own personal vehicles on an unofficial Hoofer trip, do so at their own risk and will not be protected by state insurance in the event of an accident.

Trailer Towing

Individuals who are pulling a club owned trailer needs to be approved through an in-person trailer training, usually offered and announced via Club Manager 2x/year

No trailers can be pulled by a personal vehicle.

Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle accessories, such as roof racks, bike racks, and strapping crafts to the roof are not allowed unless approved by UW Risk Management. Work with your advisor on this.

University policy on Driving Distances

Drivers should switch every four hours or sooner as needed.

< 12 Hours - No driver may drive more than 8 hours per day or hour hours per shift.

12<18 Hours - Four authorized drivers required.  Consult your advisor for these trips to have it approved by risk management. 

> 18 Hours - Trip should meet all other requirements but must have a minimum eight hour day over over two days.